Premium R12 series 




For the Premium R12 series the detectors have been upgraded to the DSC LC100 pet
immune detectors. The code pad is now the Touchnav for the good looks and to allow
access to advanced features offered. A remote kit with 2 fobs has been added when
entering through the garage, fobs will also be able to control the garage door opener.
As with all the starting kits listed extra devices can be added, 12 in total.
This is what I would recommend for a 4x2 home.
2 door contacts for the front and garage shoppers doors, this starts the entry / exit
delay and the use of the chime mode. A great feature for wondering young children or
teenagers for that matter.
4 detectors to cover the main areas, normally the m bed, family, lounge and passage.


Kit Inclusions:

Hills Reliance 12 control alarm panel

Touchnav code pad

12V back up battery

16V plug pack power supply

combo siren with strobe

110 db internal pezio

2x concealed door contacts

4x dsc lc100 pet immune detectors

1x Remote kit with 2 fobs



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