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We provide a range of services to improve the security, liveability and value of your home, in Perth Western Australia, including alarm systems ranging from cheap value for money alarms, to full perimeter alarm systems that allow you to have your alarm on when you sleep at night. 

We also provide CCTV camera systems that record every moment in and around your home, as well as home intercom systems that make communication from outside in or between kitchen and the rest of the house a breeze. 

Perth Roller Shutters supplied and installed  add an additional level of physical security to your home and roller shutters also reduce heat build up through your windows on hot days.

In addition to this we know that, other than burglars and thieves, many types of unwanted pests may try and get into your house.  We like the services of Lawson Pest control for this who can wipe out spiders, cockroaches, termites and more.   Plus their bin bombs protect your bin from going smelly.

Where electrical work is required for flush fitting LED Downlights, then we recommend qualified electricians that take pride in being tidy and organised and can ensure your house has RCD switches installed to protect your family. 

And when you want to protect the outside of your house from Perth's harsh sun, then Perth's Best Painter are quality painters that can transform the outside and inside of your home.

When buiilding a new custom home, the award winners for best bathroom Devrite Homes of Distinction have amazing workmanship.  Their custom designed and built homes will amaze you and you can take a look at their home design gallery on their web site.

All in all improving your home with ourselves (Austguard) for security or in many other ways as mentioned above will make life more comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable.

Mark Schwarzer Please contact "Mark" on Ph: 1300 883 898 to get a quality alarm system, CCTV camera system, home intercom, or access control system in Perth, at a great price today.

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