Commercial CCTV

Closed Circuit Television is an essential service for all non-domestic premises including industrial, educational, and healthcare sites. Camera systems today are capable of much more than recording intrusion and theft.

At Aust-Guard our products range from cost-effective, stand-alone recorders to multi-site server-based systems with unlimited camera capacity. No matter the scale of your project, we will use our experience to provide a tailor-made system to suit the needs of your budget and site.

Our Commercial CCTV Products


  • Our trusted CCTV for small to sprawling commercial sites.
  • Award winning, cost-effective product range
  • 4 to 64 Channel recorders available
  • Manage recorders and video with free video management system.
  • Protects network security and is NDAA approved for military use.
  • Additional software for License plate recognition, Face-tracking, social-distancing, and mask violations.
  • Smart phone connectivity for live viewing, playback, camera control and push notifications.
  • 5 year warranty on all products

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Hanwha Wisenet 7

  • Step up product for higher camera resolutions and multiple sites.
  • Recording ranges from 4 channel NVR to 128 channel servers with 160 TB storage.
  • 6 MP and 4K camera range suitable for forensic analysis.
  • Extreme Wide Dynamic Range for backlit environment
  • Lens Distortion correction.
  • Offers data encryption during transfer, backup, and storage.
  • License-free video and audio analytics including face detection, gunshot, and scream detection.
  • Smartphone connectivity for live viewing, playback, camera control and push notifications.
  • Direct integration with Integriti and Inception of Security systems.

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Axxon Next

  • Our ultimate CCTV system for capability and flexibility
  • Compatible with over 10,000 different IP camera models
  • Monitor an unlimited amount of analogue or IP devices across multiple sites.
  • Offer complete redundancy in-case of hardware failure.
  • Web-client available on any PC
  • Control which users can view and playback certain camera groups.
  • Integration with other systems so events can be cross-referenced.
  • Video analytics include human and vehicle detection, fire detection, abnormal behaviour.
  • Retail packs available for shopper analysis
  • Remote Access

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