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Control Panels

Hub 2 Plus - Dual SIM 4G/Eth & WiFi

Hub 2 Plus is the most effective Ajax control panel. Up to 4 communication channels including LTE and 2 SIM card slots enable multiple internet providers via GSM, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. Seamless switching between communication channels assures external communication stability. With all the features of the Hub 2 as well as capacity for even more devices, cameras, users and Wi-Fi connectivity the Hub 2 Plus has a processor that is 4.5 times faster than Hub 2 and 8 times more flash memory and an operating system that is extremely stable, immune to viruses, and protected from cyberattacks.

  • Transmit images from MotionCam detectors
  • Dual SIM cards
  • 2G/3G/4G(LTE)
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Anti Sabotage Features
  • Block Encrypted AES Algorithm Protocol
  • Supports 200 Devices, 200 Users and up to 100 cameras and DVRs

Classification - Intelligent security system control panel supporting ethernet and two SIM cards

Installation: indoors

Connected devices: 200

Video surveillance support: Up to 100 cameras or DVRs:


Security Groups: 25

Scenarios: 64

Connected ReX: 5

Delivery time: 0.15 sec

Notification types: SMS, call, push-notificationMain

supply:110-240 V

Battery life: Li-Ion 3Ahr

Dimensions: 163 x 163 x 36mm



Indoor Security

Detectors identify threats immediately: door opening, window breaking, and the presence of trespassers on the premises. Use MotionCam detectors to see the reason of a motion alarm.

Motion detector with a photo camera to verify alarms

More than a photo. Faster than a video.

With MotionCam, you'll know about the actual situation at home even before the burglars understand that they're busted. An animated series of photos follows the instant motion alarm for an accurate situation appraisal.

Hub 2 manages all the Ajax devices in the system to alert users about open doors, broken windows, threats of fire and flooding. If burglars break into your house, Hub 2 can transmit pictures from the MotionCam detectors and notify the alarm response company about the danger. You won't need to live under the constant supervision of the security cameras to know what's going on.

MotionCam is designed to control your security, not your personal life. The motion detector is unable to take pictures by request. The camera activates only in response to a motion alarm. The data is encrypted throughout the processes of transmission and storage. No one analyzes it, even the AI. You won't need to live under the constant supervision of the security cameras to know why the alarm went off.

  • Transmits photos from MotionCam detectors
  • Automatically notifies the alarm response company
  • Full system control in one app
  • Communicates via 3 independent channels

Outdoor Security

Motion Protect Outdoor is a formidable barrier for intruders. The digital algorithm accurately identifies the movement of a person while ignoring animals, swaying of tree and plants as well as birds and insects that land on the detector.

MotionProtect Outdoor - External Pet

An outdoor detector is an easy target. During the day when the system is disarmed, intruders may damage the sensors or block their view to gain an advantage in trespassing at night. To prevent the cases of sabotage, we've equipped MotionProtect Outdoor with a tamper button and an advanced anti-masking system that can remain active 24/7.

The anti-masking system in MotionProtect Outdoor calibrates automatically by analyzing the surrounding area when mounting the device onto SmartBracket. Then, if an obstacle appears in the field of view of anti-masking sensors or if they are painted, the detector quickly notices sabotage and raises the alarm. Moreover, a sensitive tamper is immediately activated if someone attempts to dismount the detector from SmartBracket.

the installation of outdoor detectors is a professional task. It requires landscape assessment, understanding of potential break-in points, and prediction of possible problems with interference. To ensure that MotionProtect Outdoor works efficiently and to avoid false alarms, please contact a qualified alarm installer.

  • Dual sensors
  • Pro-grade infrared anti-masking
  • Ingress protection
  • Real-time range testing algorithm
  • Powered by 12V DC power supply or built-in batteries
  • Detects movement at a distance up to 3 to 15 metres
  • Ignores pets with a height of up to 800mm

Controls and Panic Button


The device operates security modes when a digital code is entered on the keypad. Indication notifies of current security status, problems with detectors or breakdown of communication with the hub.

Alarm button is available. It notifies of each attempt to guess the password and blocks automatically if the permissible number of entries is exceeded.

Classification: Radio channel touch keypad

Type of keypad: Wireless, touch

Installation method: Indoor

Compatibility: Operates with all Ajax hubs, and range extenders

Number of buttons: 15

Duress code: Yes

User Passcode: Yes

Protection against passcode guessing: Yes

Arming/disarming indication: Yes

Power supply: Battery - 4 x AAA batteries, 3 V (batteries are installed in pairs)

Battery life: Up to 2 years

Temperature sensor: Available

Operating temperature range: From -10C to +40C

Permissible humidity: Up to 75%

Anti-sabotage: Protection against fraud, Jamming detection, Tamper-resistant

Dimensions: 150 x 103 x 14 mm

Weight: 197 g

Service life: 10 years

Complete set: KeyPad touch keyboard, SmartBracket mounting panel, 4 AAA batteries (pre-installed), Installation set, User's guide



Wireless indoor siren that loudly notifies of an alarm during detector activation. It is installed indoors to warn of danger or deter intruders.

The device notifies of detector activation with an audible alarm. Sound level and alarm length are set in the mobile application.

Connector for external LED is available. It can be mounted outside your apartment or office to monitor the security system's status.

Ready to operate straight out the box: the battery is already installed, therefore there is no need to disassemble the siren. With one click, it can be connected to the hub in the mobile application. It can be mounted on the SmartBracket in just a few minutes.

Classification: Radio channel security sounder

Type of siren: Wireless

Installation method: Indoor

Compatibility: Operates with all Ajax hubs, and range extenders

Type of notification: Sound

Connector for external LED: Available

Sound volume level: Adjustable, 81-105 dB at a distance of 1m

Alarm length: Adjustable, 3-180s

Indication of armed/disarmed status: Yes

Alarm signal delivery time: 0.15s

Power supply: Two CR123A batteries, 3 V

Battery life: Up to 5 years

Temperature sensor: Available

Operating temperature range: From -10C to +40C

Permissible humidity: Up to 75%

Protection class of body: IP50

Anti-sabotage: Protection against fraud, Jamming detection, Tamper-resistant

Dimensions: 75 x 76 x 27mm

Weight: 97g

Service life: 10 years

Included in box: HomeSiren siren, SmartBracket mounting panel, Connector for LED indicator, Two CR123A batteries (pre-installed), Installation set, User's guide


AJAX Relay - 7-24V DC Driven

Low-current relay to control appliances remotely.

Settings versatility and low power consumption make Relay a universal tool for equipment control. Dry contact is not galvanically connected to the device power supply so that it can be used both in low-voltage and household networks. There are bistable and pulse modes. The relay can be easily connected to a power supply unit paired with a backup battery.

  • Pulse 0.5-255 seconds
  • Power supply 7-24 V DC
  • Dry contact

Classification: Radio channel relay unit

Device type: Wireless

Installation method: Into electric switchboard, junction box

Compatibility: Operates with all Ajax hubs, and range extenders

Actuating element: Electromagnetic relay

Relay service life: 200,000 switch-ons

Voltage protection: Max - 36.5V, min - 6.5V

Maximum load: current 5A at 36V DC, 13A at 230V AC

Maximum current protection: No

Maximum temperature protection: 65C at the place of installation

Electric power meter function: No

Energy consumption parameter check: Voltage

Power supply: 7 - 24V (DC only)

Operation modes: Impulse, Bistable

Contact state: Normally open, Normally closed

Adjustable pulse duration: 0.5-255 sec

Operating temperature range: From 0C to +64C

Permissible humidity: Up to 75%

Protection class of body: IP20

Anti-sabotage: Protection against fraud, Jamming detection

Dimensions: 39 x 33 x 18mm

Weight: 25 g

Service life: 10 years

Included in box: Relay, Installation Set, User's guide


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