Fort Knox Perimeter Alarm $2499


A perimeter alarm in terms of alarm systems usually refers to a system that allows you to move around throughout the house knowing that each and every location of entry is covered by an alarm sensor. Windows and doors are usually covered by reed switches and glass break detectors work to detect entry via breaking windows.

Perimeter alarms are great if:
> you’re concerned someone is trying to break in while you’re inside your house
> you’ve got a large pet that lives inside the house (so pet sensitive PIRs wouldn’t work)

A perimeter alarm can be switch on at night while you sleep as many break-ins occur in the early hours of the morning.


Equipment List Inclusions

  • Reliance 128 zone panel with battery and tamper switch
  • 16 Zone Expander
  • Single power point
  • Slimline external siren
  • 110 db internal siren
  • Touchnav code pad (Click Left for Brochure)
  • 2 door contacts
  • 4x Crow 1000 Pet Immune Dual Tech Detectors
  • 8 window shock sensors
  • 2 sliding door shocktex sensors (Click Left for Brochure)
  • 2 year warranty on parts, life time warranty on labour.
  • Optional ComNav for SMS and Remote Access Control


Touchscreen Keypad

  • Touchscreen Keypad
  • Backlit keys and intuitive operation
  • Fire, Medical and Police functions

Crow 1000 Dualtech Pet Immune Detectors (x4)

  • Slim and modern design with excellent detection performance.
  • 2 year warranty! (1 Year manufacturer - 1 Year Austguard)
  • Digital Pulse Count and Temperature Compensation
  • 15 meter volumetric range
  • Wont trigger from your pets
  • Great false alarm immunity
  • Sealed Optics


  • External Siren and Strobe Unit.
  • 110dB Output and LED Strobe for intrusion indication.
  • Internal screamer.
  • 110dB output.

Thinking of Perimeter

We are perimeter alarm specialists.  This unit can be expanded to enable full perimeter monitoring.

Upgrades Available

  1. Extra Detectors
  2. Door Contacts
  3. Window Shock Sensors
  4. Smoke Detectors 
  5. Panic Buttons


Full protection of all external entry points, such as windows and doors.




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