Access Control Systems

Access Control permits or denies human or vehicle access to certain areas or resources on site. Access credentials such as a card, fob, PIN code or fingerprint must be presented before permission into an area is granted. After this permission, the system will electronically unlock or open a door, gate, or turnstile.

Administrators of an access system organise their users into permission groups. These groups are given through certain doors and each group can only access areas at allocated time. The administrator organises people into the correct group such as managers, staff, contractors, and visitors. User access can have an expiration date depending on contract periods. Access control removes the cost of lost master keys. The system can delete or temporarily report a card as lost, and a new card can be issued.

Access control can also:

  • Monitor employees time in attendance
  • Keep selected doors unlocked during working hours
  • Deny site access on failed breathalyser results

Access control systems also work as an electronic security system. This saves the cost of installing two separate products and makes the system easier to use for your staff.

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Our Access Control Products

Inner Range Inception

  • The most versatile cost-effective product on the market.
  • Integrated alarm system, access control, lift control and automation.
  • Completely web-based meaning no server, software, or licensing fees.
  • Up 512 wired or wireless alarm inputs and 512 outputs
  • 128 controlled doors or gates, 256 card readers, 32 areas, 32 lift cars and 10,000 users.
  • Built in IP monitoring or 4G monitoring with T400 dialler.
  • Remote control and push notifications via SkyCommand App
  • Optional wireless alarm zones
  • Direct integration with Hanwha CCTV   


Inner Range Integriti

  • The elite security and access control system for small commercial sites to multi-campus institutions.
  • Up to 250 areas per site, unlimited alarm devices, doors, and users.
  • Utilise existing ethernet cabling to network the system.
  • Intelligent modules retain function and user memory when network is lost.
  • High-level integration with CCTV, building management, gym software, air-conditioning etc.
  • Only pay for software and integrations that your site requires. No annual fees or software maintenance.
  • Share cardholder data with your company’s Employee Database and Payroll System
  • Create graphical site maps for use by your Security department.
  • Multiple reporting pathways
  • Remote control and push notifications to a smartphone


  • Cost-effective entry-level product
  • Great for single door control without alarm requirements
  • Integration with gym management software
  • Free Net2 software


  • System designed for wireless access control
  • Sleek design electronic locks, padlocks and card readers.
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