6 of the latest technology advances in CCTV Surveillance Systems Carramar

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Technology is always moving forward and new, better CCTV Surveillance systems and methods to manage it are constantly popping up.

As CCTV surveillance Carramar continues to be a dominant tool, here are some upcoming technology advances to look out for in the industry.


Data & pattern analysis

Surveillance video data will become increasingly more significant - not only for keeping people and property safe but also to help the business yield better financial returns by tracking patterns and trends.

Video analytics applications that can be highly granular and sophisticated will become adopted more and more to help businesses make better decisions.




CCTV Surveillance cameras with embedded intelligence

Video analytics products add intelligence to cameras by analyzing video content in real-time extracting metadata, sending out alerts and providing actionable intelligence to security personnel or other systems.

Video analytics can be embedded at the edge (in-camera), in servers on-premise, and/or on cloud. They extract only the valid motion in a scene, filtering out noise such as lighting changes, weather, trees and animal movements.

What can AI monitor and send you alerts on?

Video motion detection - detects valid motion, filtering out noise such as lighting changes and trees/animal movements.

Tamper/fault detection - detects any fault or attempt to tamper with the camera, partially or completely blocking its field of view, or drastically changing the camera angle.

Intrusion detection - provides automated perimeter monitoring and secure area protection.

Line crossing - detects a moving object which crosses a defined line.

Object abandoned - detects objects that's have been left unattended for too long. Looks for objects that are not part of the normal scene.

Object removed - can detect when specific objects have been removed from the scene

Loitering - detects when a person has been in a specified area for more than a specified time.

Wrong direction - can detect when a person crosses a line in the wrong direction.

Fall/duress detection - can detect when a person had fallen or is under duress.

Person running - detects when a person is running.

Video object counter - counts people, vehicles and other objects. Generates comprehensive reports on people and vehicle traffic patterns.

Video summary -reduces a long archived video into a manageable video summary with actual events. Filters out noise such as free movement, weather, light changes.




Mobile control

Many outdoor security cameras available today are able to live stream a feed directly to your mobile device. If you want to be able to check in during the day or while away for extended periods, this is a valuable feature to have. Be sure to choose a camera that is compatible with your device. Generally, remote access, mobile alerts or cloud-based features require monthly or yearly fees with your home security monitoring provider.

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Wide dynamic range

When part of an image is extremely dark but another part is so bight you can't see any details, that's dynamic range - the difference in lighting. Cameras with wide dynamic range have special software that allows them to balance that lighting for one clear image. This makes them ideal for recording areas like store entrances where the contrast between the sunshine outside and the dim lighting inside can be extremely difficult to record.

So look for WDR on any surveillance systems that you might be looking at.




Pan tilt and zoom cameras

This is a great option for monitoring large areas such as parking lots, common areas in school and business campuses, or convention centers, a pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera allows you to both monitor the overall are and focus on suspicious activity. This gives you a more flexible and functional surveillance system, especially when combined with fixed network cameras that track room entrance and exits but cannot monitor the area at large. This allows the PTZ camera to move around as needed while the fixed cameras ensure important locations are monitored.

PTZ cameras come in a wide range of styles, making them easy to fit into your surveillance system, although the most common form factor is a dome. The cameras are also available in indoor and outdoor models, so you can install a camera in any location.

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Video compression

This is the process of using codec to go through your video files to reduce or eliminate unnecessary files. This makes your video files smaller, so you can store more video on your NVR hard drive or camera's MicroSD card.

How does video compression works? - To compress your files, the codec looks for unnecessary files or fames it can reduce or eliminate without impacting the final version of the video. This process is done automatically by your surveillance camera.

If you are also recording audio with your surveillance video, the audio files will be compressed separately from the video.

Contact us and have a chat with us about the best way to save space on your system.



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