Access Control Systems Beldon will simplify your staff access management and allow you to monitor from your phone.


Want complete control over who enters your Beldon business?

Often when you have a business and restricted access to a building access control systems are the best way to monitor not just your employees but any tradies or visitors you may have come to your building. For complete control over the access to your Beldon building, get a system installed by Austguard today. Perth Access Control system experts.

Types of Access Control available in Beldon:

User facing - Access cards, card reader and access control keypad.

The most familiar part of access control systems are the cards, ID badges and, more recently, the smartphone apps that elicit an OK beep when presented at a card reader and unlock the door. These are also known as credentials since they bear the user's data that tells the reader to grant you permission to be on the premise, or in other words, that you are an authorized entrant.

Access cards are typically proximity cards that, rather than being swiped or inserted like credit cards, are held two to six inches in front of the card reader. The same procedure is followed for phone apps. The benefit of using credentials is that they are personalized, so any unlock event can be traced back to the person associated with it.

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Admin facing - Access management dashboard, integrations of API.

The admin-facing side is the management dashboard, or portal, where the office administrator, head of security, or IT manager sets the parameters of persons allowed to access the premises, and under which circumstances. This involves a management dashboard, often in the cloud, and a way to provision access-such as a card programming device.

In more advanced systems, the manual operations aspect can be automated. For example, the provisioning (creating and deleting access) can be done automatically by connecting the access dashboard to the company directory of employees. When a new hire shows up in the system, a new access is automatically positioned via an API or integrating-database service like Google Apps, Microsoft Azure, SAML, or Okta.




Infrastructure - Electric door lock hardware.

Locks - Electronic locks are used to electrically unlock the door on which it's installed. They usually have a wire that powers them. Some locks lock when they are supplied with power while others unlock when supplied with power. The former are known as fail safe locks and the latter are known as fail secure.

The choice of which to use depends on the area being secured. Entry doors call for fail safe locks, since they need to comply with building codes and fire regulations, that call for people to be able to exit at any time, even in the event of a power outage. IT rooms should be wired fail secure because they need to remain locked at all times, even in the case of emergencies. Fail secure doors also need to be equipped with electrified push bars to allow people to exit quickly in case of a fire.

Access Control Panel - Also known as the access control field panel, or intelligent controller, the access control panel is not visible to most people in a facility because it's installed in the IT room or the electrical, telephone, or communications closet. The reason for this precaution is because all the locks are wired to it. When a valid credential is presented at the door reader, the panel receives its request to unlock a specific relay, which is connected to the specific door wire.

Access Control Server - Every access control system needs a server where the permissions are stored in an access database. As such it acts as the center or "brain" of the access control system. It is really the server that makes the decision whether the door should unlock or not by matching the credential presented to the credentials authorized for that door. The server can be a dedicated local Windows or Linux computer, a cloud server, or even a decentralized server when the permissions are stored in the door reader. The server also tracks and records activity and events regarding access, and allows administrators to pull reports of past data events for a given time period.




Why Access control for your Beldon business?

  • Compliance - Hospitals, banks and SaaS providers all need levels of security and regulations to meet compliance. Does your Beldon business meet compliance? - Check today and get a quote.
  • IP Data - Businesses that deal with privileged data and intellectual property, such as software developers, entrepreneurs, startups, and pharmaceutical companies need to not only control who comes into their facilities, but which areas they are allowed to access.
  • We can help you integrate an access control database with your systems.


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After the latest in Access control?

Then you need to talk with Mark at Austguard for your solidly reliable access control system, and make sure your Beldon business security meets compliance.

Our selectively chosen suppliers of Access Control Systems provide you with a simple and effective access control solution. Your business will be able to keep track of and control exactly who goes where, and when they do it.

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